Canon Inkjet Printer PRO-1

1.Expanded color gamut and increased color reproduction range

New 12-color ink expands the color gamut, especially in red, magenta and yellow. This contributes to increase the overall color reproduction.

2.Uniform glossiness from the combination of new pigment ink and Chroma Optimizer

The combination of new pigment ink and Chroma Optimizer uniforms glossiness by flattening the print surface in order to control the light reflection from the surface.

Key advantages

  1. Ink droplet height has lowered and thus print surface is flat and smooth. This is thanks to pigment microencapsulation technology*1 that reduces solids in ink and improved ink composition that forms uniform ink layer.
  2. Being applied over the ink layer, Chroma Optimizer covers and flattens the print surface evenly. Details are given in the chapter on 'Chroma Optimizer'.

Pigment micro-encapsulation technology

Newly formulated pigment ink provides highly uniform glossiness thanks to pigment micro-encapsulation technology. Micro-encapsulated pigment dispersant*2 forms thin and high-density layer to wrap the coloring material. The condensed and concentrated particles of pigment make the print surface flat and even and thus uniforms the glossiness.

*1. Micro-encapsulation technology: a process to enclose a substance in small sealed capsules. Through this process, dispersant can be easily embed the pigment particles (or coloring material).

*2. Dispersant (or dispersing agent): a chemical used to stabilize a dispersion or suspension of particles in a liquid. Dispersant works as a floating tube for coloring material to keep it floating in the liquid and prevent coloring material from sticking each other and precipitating in the liquid.

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